Women with Gifts!

Women with Gifts and Afflictions!  Help with the cost of Assessments. Thank you!

The gifts can be anything from artistic talent to a specialist subject but it’s the afflictions that absorb our energy, relationships and ability to cope with each day.

It’s a hard road to be on, but women with Asperger/Autism traits are on it whether they like it or not.

A petition has been started to support the women in Manchester, particularly mature women, who have chronic conditions caused by the disability, Asperger which has been holding them back through no fault of their own.

The Three Minute Theatre has an open day tomorrow for Square Circle Theatre CIC who have been awarded funds to support a project supporting these women. They need it. They are at the back of the cue when it comes to assessments. It is believed that they have coped so far, ‘why need an assessment’? Ignorance must be at large and it has been for sometime.

I learnt yesterday that I have chronic pancreatitis possibly caused by a cystic fibrosis gene or stress caused by Aspergers. Maybe both. Asperger is a NEUROLOGICAL condition. It’s relationship with depression is inevitable. These women often end up depressed through lack of support from families, friends and services supposedly available to them.

Families often have no idea why their mother, grandma and others close to them behave the way they do if they don’t know they have this condition. The person with Asperger has no idea either if they’ve had the condition a long time but no idea of its existence.

I’ve experienced a number of immediate family deaths but at each have been unable to mourn. Following these experiences my family rejected, bullied and abused me. I learnt about my condition when training as a teacher to be a mentor to a young man with Asperger/Autism which can span from few abilities to high functioning abilities. I got on very well with him. I understood him. But he was a neurological nightmare too.

Neurologically, I’m a nightmare.Hemiplegic Migraine has blighted my life. This is a genetic disorder which can mutate into HMR or Epilepsy! The genetic disorder continues. Chronic Pancreatitis is a severe digestive disorder which can be caused by a Cystic Fibrosis Gene. And just to add insult to neurons: Hydrocephalus.

Getting through each day is supported by medication and a walking aid. And without my husband, John, who cares for me because that’s his nature, I manage. Some days of course, I don’t. Being horizontal is the only option. Not good for the Asthma; which is connected to being Asperger/Autism too.

This article is not about sympathy, it’s about helping other women like me who are lonely, isolated, ill and have no information on the help that’s out there. More often than not that’s because they’re not computer literate. They need to be able to access information.

Autism/Asperger Agencies Are often online. I’ve had to be computer literate. I used to teach. When teaching you have to keep up with technological advances. The project Voices Mcr will go ahead with more passion and determination than before.

A life can be shortened by the chronic conditions cited. We need to make sure these women are helped before it’s too late!

Lottery and Square Circle Theatre are doing just that. Do support us by signing the petition: Petition. Change.org

Thank you!

square circle theatrePage 1 leaflet asperger

Details of the Project The Launch is tomorrow with the support of MP Lucy Powell and City Voice. Manchester.


afflecks oldham street

How to find us. Best Square Circle Theatre.

Contact: ginatfrost@outlook.com to let her know if you are coming. SCT look forward to meeting you.

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