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Hello, this year’s project will support communication skills for those on the high end autistic spectrum disorder. Ages 18 to 30 are welcome to apply.

We expect to start the project week commencing 17th August and week commencing 24th August when the group will work with 15 to 17 year olds from the National Citizen Society.

We’re currently looking for a specialist in Physical Theatre and funds to support their fees. If you can help or want to volunteer to support this project then please get in touch with Gina on 0161 834 4517. Can those interested in participating in the project also contact Gina. Thank you!

Last year we supported the Creative Employment Project delivered by the Arts Council and Manchester City Council by employing Apprentices and Interns.

Your support this year is very welcome. You can donate on our website: squarecircletheatre.co.uk

Your donation will be gratefully received and acknowledged. Thank you once again.